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Sihing Ben Adams

Sihing Ben Adams photo Sihing Ben Adams

Ben Adams is a dedicated practitioner of Shaolin Wing Chun. Mr. Adams’ background expresses an array of experiences from multiple systems. Mr. Adams started his martial arts journey at the age of 6 and was enrolled in a localized Tae Kwon Do school for a few years. After this period Mr. Adams focused on academics showing high involvement with the Mathematics and Fine Arts clubs and a member of the High School’s Science Olympiad team.

Mr. Adams’ background shows having enlisted in the United States Army and has had a tour in Iraq 07-08 and returning home to enroll in the Behavioral Social Sciences program at Indiana University East with a focus in the field of psychology and philosophy. During this time he found a martial arts being taught at the local gym of Ninjutsu under the direction of Master Dennis Fowler. His dedication to learning the art of Taijutsu, art of unarmed combat, under Master Fowler allowed for him to rise in the belt system and left with the brown belt, which is the rank before reaching Black Belt.

During his time, Mr. Adams was granted a teaching position alongside Senior Students and Master Fowler.

During the time of learning Taijutsu, Mr. Adams began learning under the tutelage of a local practitioner of Muay Thai, Jason Fann. Mr. Adams learned under Mr. Fann for a sum of 6 years. Mr. Adams was a dedication learner and soon was given position of aiding in teaching classes alongside Mr. Fann.

After graduation from Indiana University East with a success in the Psychology program, Mr. Adams spent time away from the martial arts realm to focus on employment and outreach of skills. Mr. Adams dedicated time to using martial arts training learned and experienced in having impact for Spartan Races. This allowed for continued success in having becoming a part of the Trifecta club.

Shortly after this Mr. Adams was introduced to Meng’s Martial Arts school in Richmond, Indiana. Mr. Adams began classes of April 2017 and continues his lessons. Mr. Adams has shown dedication and motivation in being present for own learning and has shown great kung fu humility in aiding those around in learning the material and lessons of the night’s progression.

Mr. Adams has been given and accepted invitation into the Leadership Program. From this Mr. Adams has further grown as an individual and as a brother the Meng’s family.

During his time with Meng’s Martial Arts, Mr. Adams has competed once at Battle of Columbus in no-gi grappling/jujitsu. Alongside being a part of the Leadership program, Mr. Adams has further taken lessons from a local grappling/Jujitsu class. Mr. Adams began learning this August 2017 and is presently in continual learning.

With the event of being invited, and accepted, into the Black Sash program, has allowed for him, as a martial artist, to further reach out his branches and become more. As a person moving, training, and growing in progression, this opportunity has allowed Mr. Adams to become a better version of himself and has allowed him access with training and insight so that he may become more refined and reach further into realm which he has chosen to train and embody.



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